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General information

  • Itinerary from Puigcerdà (from the western most Pyrenees of Girona) to Roses (Costa Brava).
  • It crosses all the Pyrenean districts of Girona: La Cerdanya, El Ripollès, la Garrotxa and the Alt Empordà.
  • Has an itinerary that goes parallel to France.
  • The first part of the itinerary has a lot of unevenness (Cerdanya, Ripollès and Garrotxa), the second part of the itinerary is more gentle, which is when you cross Alt Empordà.
  • It goes from peeled mountains of the Pyrenees to thick forests of "La Garrotxa" and soft fields of vineyards and olive trees of l'Empordà.
  • There is a huge vegetation difference between the itinerary because of the altitude, from 0m to 2500m.

Details about the route

Distance: 192 km

Total climb: 4072m / 5390m

Towns: Puigcerdà, Dòrria, Planoles, Ribes de Freser, Camprodon, Oix Montagut, Tortellà, Beuda, Lladó, Figueres, Castelló d'Empúries, Roses

Stages: 3, 4, 5 Stages

3 Stages

1st Stage Puigcerdà Ribes de Freser (for Puig Dòrria)

Distance: 52km

Total climb: 1429m / 1724m

2nd Stage Ribes de Freser Tortellà (for Collada Verda)

Distance: 66km

Total climb: 1609m / 2347m

3rd Stage Tortellà Roses

Distance: 75km

Total climb: 1068m / 1351m

4 Stages

1st Stage Puigcerdà Planoles

Distance: 33km

Total climb: 1161m / 1201m

2nd Stage Planoles Ribes de Freser Camprodon (for Collada Verda)

Distance: 45km

Total climb: 1375m / 1631m

3rd Stage Camprodon Beuda

Distance: 49km

Total climb: 1051m / 1722m

4th Stage Beuda Roses

Distance: 66km

Total climb: 750m / 1100m

5 Stages

1st Stage Puigcerdà Planoles

Distance: 33km

Total climb: 1161m / 1201m

2nd Stage Planoles Ribes de Freser Pardines

Distance: 25km

Total climb: 942m / 863m

3rd Stage Pardines Camprodon Oix

Distance: 43km

Total climb: 830m / 1670m

4th Stage Oix Lladó

Distance: 40km

Total climb: 913m / 1187m

5th Stage Lladó Figueres Roses

Distance: 51km

Total climb: 494m / 693m

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