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4 Peaks return to Girona

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General information

  • Ideal route to see the mountains and valleys that surround the immortal city of Girona and at the same time exploring the city.
  • A perfect combination for a weekend full. Sport, Nature, Culture and Gastronomy in one day.
  • It is designed to make it in one day and a half.
  • The 1st part is the most demanding. Salts of Girona Olot-Girona bike lane and entering the valley Llémena to start the first Summit (St Grau, 500m). After the 1st Summit is back down to the valley Llémena to know different towns of the valley.
  • The 2nd Summit (Rocacorba 982m) is the most demanding and highest. The road offers spectacular views of the Valley of Llémena and Garrotxa Volcano Region. The descent is direct through several villages which combines fun and easy slopes and trails.
  • Entry to Girona following the river Ter and leads to endless narrow streets where we visit the Cathedral and the Jewish Quarter
  • We go to the Valley of St Daniel to the 3rd Summit (St Michael 395m) with a gentle rise where the Castle of St Michael. From quest point we can see the whole tour we've done previously: Girona at our feet, St Grau and Rocacorba need to do that, Los Angeles.
  • From St Michael down and quickly direct the village of Juià to back up and make the last summit (Sanctuary of the Angels, 485m). Landmark frequented by athletes and Girona. Where we see spectacular views of the Costa Brava (Gulf of Roses, Medes Islands). I live here the point of origin, Girona.
  • Girona is surrounded by mountains in all directions. Since each peak has views of the spectacular Costa Brava and the Pyrenees. And since every top you can see all the peaks of the route.

Details about the route

Distance: 104 Km

Total climb: 2720m / 2720m

Stages: Stages 1 and 2

Nature: Llémena Valley, Sierra de Rocacorba Gavarres, Ter

1 Stage

Distance: 104 Km

Total climb: 2720m / 2720m

2 Stages

1st Stage

Distance: 70km

Total climb: 1685m / 1685m

2nd Stage

Distance: 33km

Total climb: 1067m / 1067m

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